Existing Masonry Anchors


This is our revolutionary masonry frame anchor that is so easy to install, you will never use a sleeve anchor again!

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Universal Stud Anchor


This anchor can be used with steel or wood stud walls before drywall has been applied, adjustable depth.

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Universal Masonry (T-style)


These T-Anchors are used in new construction of block walls and can be adjusted to varying depths.

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Just Frame Anchors?


We at DoorBeast created this website to showcase a frame anchor that is not well known in the industry.

After 5 years of using these existing masonry hollow metal frame anchors exclusively on our door and frame installations, we realized that there are many door installers that are unaware of such a revolutionary fastener.

Each of our installers save hours on the jobsite each week by using these frame anchors.

Our customers keep coming back for more, using these anchors for other applications, from mounting TV's to hanging shelves.

Try them today! You won't regret it.

just anchors

Other Door Hardware

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